Friday, December 02, 2005

Daily Bible Reading 2 Chronicles 1; 1 John 1; Micah 7; Luke 16;

2 Chronicles 1
1:1 Solomon's Reign Begins
1:2-6 Traveling to the Tabernacle @ Gibeon
v.4 - Aside: Where is the Ark?
v.6 Solomon went up to the tabernacle, to the Altar. What will he do there?

1:7-13 God's Question to Solomon
v.9 The nature of NT 'rule' The promise of God's wisdom
v.11-12 Ask for wisdom, get riches? God knows our heart... What did He see in Solomon's heart? What does he see in mine?

1:14-17 The Prosperity (or Beginning Pollution) of King Solomon
v.14 Uh-oh. Not good.
v.15 Uh-oh. Not good either.

1 John 1
Great Outline on 1 John

1:1-4 Eyewitness Testimony concerning the Word of Life
v.1-2 They saw it and experienced it, and proclaim it.
v.3 Purpose of proclamation - Fellowship with the church (the true church) and with the Father & Son
v.4 Purpose of Writing - to complete his Joy.8
1:5 The Testimony of the Word of Life
v.5 This is the message of the living, breathing, touched Word-of-Life. (The rest of the letter is an outworking of this testimony?)
1:6-10 5 Conditional Statements
v.6 - There is no fellowship with God while we walk in darkness.
v.7 - There is fellowship if we walk in the light, and the Blood of Jesus removes our sin.
v.8 - There is sin in each of us. To deny that is to deny the truth.
v.9 - There is a purification from sins, based on the forgiving character of God, appropriated by our confession.
v.10 - There is a price for denying our own sinfulness, and the price is denying the truth of God and His gospel.

Micah 7
7:1-6 The Doomed Hope of Israel
v.1 Fruit-pickers have no fruit to gather. Is he a prophet with no one who listens? Is that the analogy?
v.3 Ambidextrous in Atrocity; I can understand the Prince and Judge asking for a bribe, what is the meaning of the great man speaking his desire? And are they all taking BasketWeaving 101? NASB rendering here is difficult. Holman Bible renders this, "when the powerful man communicates his evil desire,they plot it together." I like that. More on the HCSB, offical bible of the SBC.
v.5 No pillow talk! Loose Lips Might Sink Ships!

7:7-8 The True Hope of the Prophet
v.7 As for me (contrasting Micah with all Israel?) I will wait for the God of my salvation. All previous sins seem to be driving at gaining an advantage? At getting ahead? At getting over on the rest of the world? Micah says 'No! I'll wait for God.
v.8 Corrie ten Boom said, "There is no pit that He is not deeper still"

7:9-13 The Coming Judgement of All: Two Directions
v.9 Wow! Is that the gospel right there? We bear our indignation, for we are sinners, but he pleads our case and executes justice (am I dead? Is this justice?), but no! The sinner does not die, he is brought into the light, and God's righteousness is seen by the sinner. Compare with Romans 3:21-26, which Cliff Bedell has called the Heart of the gospel.
v.10 Those who hope in material things, and not in God... they will not be able to stand in the Day of Judgement.
v.12 On that day, earth will be empty (7:13) because of its sinful actions... no one is able to stand in the face of God's holiness.

7:14-20 The Coming Return from Exile
v.16 Hand on mouth - like job.
v.17 Licking dust like a serpent - like the devil? The kings of the nations leave their forts in fear, and fall down before God.
v.18, What God is there like this?
- He Pardons Iniquity
- He Passes over the Rebellious Acts of His people
- Doesn't hold onto anger forever, because His delight is to love full force.
v.19 The Coming Exile is not the end, God will restore.
- He'll stomp on their sin.
- He'll bury their sin in the ocean and "place there a buoy that says, 'No fishing.'" - Corrie Ten Boom
v.20 He will take them off the Land, but He will fulfill His great promise to Abraham and Jacob.

Luke 16
The Developing Outline
15:1-16:13 Four Parables and a Pithy Saying
16:14-31 Reaction of Pharisees and Reaction of Jesus

16:1-10 Parable of the Unrighteous Steward
16:11-13 Faithful in Little, and serving two Masters.
16:14- Feedback, and Jesus' Reaction
16:14-15 Reaction to the Four Parables & the Pithy Saying
v.14 The Pharisees & Scribes React
v.15 Jesus Responds:
16:16-17 A change in the program? Law gives way to kingdom?
16:18 Higher standards for fidelity/morality in the kingdom
16:19-31 The Rich Man and The Beggar
v.29, connection to 16:16-17
v.31 Chilling warning! Listen to the Law!

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